Topricin After Burn Cream Tube 6oz.

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Topricin After Burn Cream has been scientifically engineered to moisturize and sooth the skin with 14 bio-medicines including Arnica and Echinacea.  Our proprietary blend is unmatched in its ability to help speed recovery from overexposure to the elements.  Now everyone from children and tweens, to teens mom, dad and grandparents can enjoy safe, effective, unique burn relief that’s a cut above.  With no aloe to dry out the skin, and no chemicals that can cause irritations or allergic reactions, Topricin After Burn Cream leads the pack with natural ingredients that are safe, gentle, and most of all, hypoallergenic.  Topricin After Burn Cream is also perfect for reducing scar tissue, especially post-surgery. 

Topricin After Burn Works On:
• Sunburn
• Windburn
• Blisters
• Cooking Burns
• Minor Burns
• Friction Burns, Chafing, and Itching
• Helps Reduce/Improve the Appearance of Scars


Please Read - We care about you! Information contained herein is educational in nature & not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a medical issue, be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner. Always let your healthcare practitioner know when you are considering any self-help treatment. Be sure to see your healthcare practitioner for any pain that has lasted more than 3 days. Consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis if you think you are suffering from arthritis. Application instructions must be followed to get the best results, results may vary.

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