BioMedical Rebound Health TENS Unit

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The Biomedical Rebound Health TENS Unit is a non-prescription, FDA approved, electrotherapy system that is able to lower pain levels in the hip, wrist, shoulder, and other muscles. It is designed to give the user adjustable intensity levels to soothe aches.

Kit Includes:

Rebound unit, two conductive pads, one connecting cable, two AA batteries, one lanyard strap, and one instruction manual.

Effective and safe-to-use for:

Pain relief from hip, low back and mid-back pain, elbow and wrist pain, shoulder and arm pain, knee and ankle pain, joint and muscle pain, or chronic or acute pain.

Product Details:

The LCD screen is a clear display that shows the operating status of the Rebound. A low battery symbol turns on when the battery voltage is low so there is no guess work involved in changing the batteries. Batteries last up to 150 hours of continued use. Lock feature is an optional safety feature that will lock your power setting in place so you will not accidentally turn up the power of the Rebound during use.

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