Pharma Supply Lock Laces

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Win, Never Tie - with LOCK LACES.  LOCK LACES are the Ultimate in "No-Tie, No Loose Ends" Elastic Shoelaces!  The patented Lock and Clip system assures a secure and tight grip with NO LOOSE, FLOPPY ENDS!  Quick and easy to use, LOCK LACES provide "Stretch-Fit Comfort with Locked In Safety".  Great for athletes, Children, Parents, Seniors, EVERYONE!  Especially helpful for persons with special needs like impaired vision, difficulty bending down or trouble using their hands.  Available in EIGHT great colors from "Everyday" to "Make a Statement", you'll want LOCK LACES for all your shoes!  


Features: The ULTIMATE in "No-Tie, No Loose Ends" Elastic Shoelaces; "Stretch-Fit Comfort, Locked in Safety"; Great for Sports, Walking and Everyday; Perfect for the visually impaired or for people with limited mobility in their back, arms or hands; Quick and Easy To Use; Eliminates the Struggle of Tying Shoelaces

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