Dr. Comfort Herringbone Knee High Compression

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Compression socks that keep your legs feeling fresh are great for every day usage. Dr. Comfort's Rejuva Herringbone Compression Socks,  provide the right amount of compression to help maintain or increase blood flow to the legs. The Herringbone pattern is woven into each garment, offering a unique style to your wardrobe. The stockings are also made with a nylon-lycra fiber, making it soft to the touch but very durable at the same time. For added comfort during wear, the socks have an extra wide top band. For the best comfort around the foot, an extra wide toe box will prevent any squeezing, and padded heel and toe segments provide an extra layer of protection while you're on the go.
The compression socks are available in Marine and Sand colors, as well as four different sizes

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