Stander Stander Metro Car Handle Plus With Built In Flashlight

The Metro Car Handle Plus makes it easy to get in-and-out of..

Stander Stander Lever Extender

The Lever Extender is a simple handle that makes it easier t..

Stander Stander Bedside Econorail

he Beside Econorail is the most portable bed rail in the wor..

Stander Stander Omni Tray

A couch-side handle and TV tray that makes it easy to stand ..

Stander Stander Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher

The Seatbelt Reacher simply attaches to the seatbelt strap a..

Stander Stander Automobility Solution Combo Pack

The Automobility Solution is an all-in-one solution to make ..

Stander Stander Walker, EZ Fold-N-Go Regal Rose w8.00

The newly improved EZ Fold-N-Go Walker from Stander is the p..

Stander Stander Assist-A-Tray

The Assist-A-Tray is a couch-side handle that makes it easy ..

Stander Stander HandyBar

The HandyBar by Stander is the ultimate automotive safety to..

Stander Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler

ven away from home, you can rest safely and get out of bed e..