Stander EZ-Stand-N-Go

f you or a loved one has trouble standing from a couch, chai..

Stander Stander Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher

The Seatbelt Reacher simply attaches to the seatbelt strap a..

Stander Stander Lever Extender

The Lever Extender is a simple handle that makes it easier t..

Stander Stander Automobility Solution Combo Pack

The Automobility Solution is an all-in-one solution to make ..

Stander Stander BedCane

The Stander BedCane is a one of a kind bedside safety handle..

Stander Stander Mobility Bed Rail

Getting out of bed just got easier with the Mobility Bed Rai..

Stander Stander Walker, EZ Fold-N-Go, Cobalt Blue w8.00

The newly improved EZ Fold-N-Go Walker from Stander is the p..

Stander Stander Great Grips 2- Pack

Whether you have arthritis, have a house full of kids, or ju..