Bio Skin TriLok Ankle Brace

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Ankle Sprains The TriLok provides protection and support to injured ligaments to prevent further injury and reduce pain after a sprain. The FootLok Strap acts as an external ligament
PTTD The TriLok's FootLok Strap pulls the arch up and restores the normal position of the foot. The TriLok is as effective as custom orthotics, but can be worn in almost any shoes or without shoes.
Plantar Fasciitis The TriLok’s FootLok Strap lifts the arch to support the plantar fascia and prevent the arch from collapsing. It may also be worn as a light night splint to keep tension on the plantar fascia overnight

Features and Benefits
Compressive base sleeve improves proprioception
Easily fits into most shoes
Allows normal range of motion

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